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About Us

When we started our company, Heramba Jacks And Centering Material in the year 2013, our main aim was to always complete the demands of customers with the best solutions. We have succeeded in our goal by consistently introducing high-quality products to all our customers. We have been working as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of products. Single Welling Clip, Vertical Connector Spigot, Channel Soldier, Stirup Head Jack With Fitting, Wedge Clip, and other such products can be availed from us at the most genuine prices. Once the production process of the goods is completed, we ensure that all of them are precisely tested. In addition to providing highest quality products to the customers, we ensure that our business relations with them remain absolutely ethical.

Why Us?

Competitive rivalry in the highly concentrated market of present times may make it difficult for some businesses to gain a foothold. Our company was able to make progress despite the competition because of the distinctiveness of our product line. Some of the extra traits that help us stand apart from the competitors are as follows:

  • We make sure that demands of customers are clearly recognised and met in a satisfactory manner.
  • We have always worked hard to raise the quality of our products.
  • We sell our products at the lowest possible prices, especially in comparison to our competitors.
  • We make every effort to ensure that each order is fulfilled within the time range specified by the customer.

Our Infrastructure

The infrastructure of our company is modernly constructed and spans over a large area. In our infrastructure, we have installed the most advanced set of machinery, equipment and tools. Using all the necessary resources of our infrastructure, we are able to manufacture a wide variety of products such as Channel Soldier, Wedge Clip, Single Welling Clip, Stirup Head Jack With Fitting, Vertical Connector Spigot, etc., in bulk quantities. After precisely manufacturing the products in our infrastructure, we ensure that every batch is tested in accordance with the highest quality norms. Every single operation within the infrastructure is carefully managed by our team of highly trained and knowledgable experts. Moreover, from our infrastructure, we promptly deliver the orders to customers.
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